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From the Inside Out – Make Your Dreams Come True

With Fingerprint Homes, you can completely customize the interior and exterior of your home while minimizing your carbon footprint. Work with our team to create a house that is durable, your style, and eco-friendly.


 Simple Process. Superb Product. Smart Payoff.

Customize with Convenience

Selecting interior finishes for an entire home can be overwhelming, but we’ve made it simple and convenient. You’ll love our interactive customization process with the unique ability to complete it online anywhere at any time. If you think the process is stellar, wait until you see the products. You will enjoy choosing from an array of options from our custom cabinet shop. We also offer reclaimed barn materials from local sources.


Smart Technology

If you enjoy our simple customization process, you’ll love the Fingerprint Homes smart technology package. It offers smart features for light switches, thermostats and garage doors to simplify your life even more after move-in day.


Weather-Resistant and Maintenance-Free

Personalized and Protected.

When it comes to exterior products, ours aren’t just personalized — they’re protected. We’ve done the homework to pick weather-resistant and maintenance-free products, so all you have to worry about is personalizing the colors and textures.


Local Products. Local People.

We are proud to utilize locally manufactured products and suppliers. We also employ local trades members and trusted experts for installation. When you work with Fingerprint Homes, you can trust that the work is locally sourced.


Custom While Minimizing Carbon Footprint.

Exceeding Standards

Cut your carbon footprint when you build with Fingerprint. Our homes meet or exceed the latest building standards and technology with energy-efficient processes. If you’re passionate about further maximizing these efficiencies, our team can help figure out which mechanical systems upgrades should take priority. 


Certified Green Professional

The Certified Green Professional™ designation from the National Association of Home Builders recognizes builders, remodelers and other industry professionals who incorporate green and sustainable building principles into homes — without driving up the cost of construction. Our very own Merle Stutzman is proud to be a CGP, and our clients value his expertise.

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If you’re ready to begin curating a life of your own design, reach out to the team at Fingerprint Homes today.