Our Homes

Our Homes, Your Dreams, Life Stories

Home is the background for many of the incredible stories your family shares. Our job is to craft homes that serve as beautiful and well-built sanctuaries for the story of your lives.

Home Is Where Life Stories Happen

The builders and other professionals who make up Fingerprint Homes have decades experience building homes for people. Along the way, we have learned that life’s most important stories take place in those homes.

Our goal is to build homes that become the canvas upon which you can paint your dreams. That means you have very specific ideas on how much space you need and how you want it planned – to create a living space that is unique as your own fingerprint.

Create Your Own Canvas

Our digital design program allows you to design and visualize your dream home before we even start building! 

More Choice Than Ever – Without the High Cost

Without incurring the cost of custom home building – we nevertheless offer you thousands of choices that prevent you from needing to choose between bland model home plans that are far from fit to your style.

Fingerprint Homes applies our knowledge of home buyers. We have curated from countless choices to give you thousands of unique options with experienced home building craftsmanship. We make sure that your new home designed to contain the stories of your life is strong, durable and retain its value for years to come.

The Fingerprint Homes Difference

Fingerprint Homes is the only home curation partner to reinvent the building experience to put the customer at the center. Our technology-driven process gives clients the ability to design their home from top to bottom. Then, we execute the design with reliable craftsmanship of established builders. It’s an industry-leading solution for the modern custom home buyer.

Your Input Turns a Home Into a Personal Haven

Our design platform and in-person support helps you make creative design choices so your home is like no other. In essence, we give you the ink to author your story. We respect your investment in a custom home, and promise to serve as a trustworthy partner to bring your vision to life.